You Are Enough

I am enough. Today is one of those days that I needed the reminder.

You are enough too. ...Just in case it’s one of those days for you as well.

My day started off normal enough, peaceful even. Coffee with Chris and a little time with a great book before my workday. Perfectly lovely. But then, BAM! An emotional trigger catapulted into my mind and all the little fear magnets came flooding in after it, filling my head with their yelling voices, all clamoring together until their united roar was all that I could hear. My insides twisted up, the reaction physical as intense as the mental. Those bullying voices kept up their cultish chatter, drowning out reason and logic for a bit. I decided to shower, letting the hot water ease and loosen my tense muscles.Those voices though, still kept up their incessant cacophony. I figured that it would be the perfect time to meditate. So, I sat down on my cushion, meditated and released some tears quietly. Still needing more, I headed over to my mirror and did something that literally ALWAYS helps, but I often forget to do. I met my eyes and I talked to myself. Out loud. I reminded myself that I am enough and a whole bunch of other wonderful things that I don’t give myself enough credit for. And you know what? I believed them. I allowed myself to soften. To self soothe with kindness and compassion towards myself. And then, as I began my workday, I noticed a distinct mood change. I felt buoyant, light and peaceful once again. I wanted to share. I’m proud of myself for pulling myself out of the murky mindset that was threatening my day. And to remind you to give yourself some self love if you, too, are in need. You’re probably too hard on yourself most of the time. I know I am. Sending love and light to all in need today and everyday. ♥️

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